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Produce full-size furniture with a 3D Printer

An open-source printer that is capable of printing full-size pieces of furniture has been developed by the German studio, BigRep.

The impressive 3D printer is an exciting development in the world of technology, as it will allow designers to work on bigger, more daring projects without the need for multiple prints and assembly.

According to the company, the BigRep One printer “is a tool designed for professionals and creators who are seeking cost effective and high performance 3D printing systems that produce full-scale build-volume objects”.

They also go on to say that “from complex architectural or artistic objects to rock solid engineering parts, the BigRep One has build-space for unlimited opportunities”.

The BigRep One 3D printer is certainly an imposing device, with a build volume of 45 x 39 x 47 inches and has the largest print bed of any consumer model by a considerable distance.  The machine itself is constructed with an aluminum frame – and has a print resolution of 100 microns (0.1 mm).

The BigRep One prints using common plastics, although, using the fused deposition modeling technique, it can also handle more complicated mixtures of wood fibers and polymers.

The 3D PrintShow in New York played host to the BigRep One’s first appearance in the public eye and it is expected to be available to buy in March/April, with a suggested price of $39,000.

Check out the the BigRep One in action below:

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