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What is dye sub printing?

An Introduction to Dye Sub Printing
Dye sublimation is a printing system whereby the ink is usually supplied in sheet form. When you press ‘print’, the ink is heated and turned into a gas which then cools and ‘sublimates’.

Okay, so I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure that most of you still won’t understand dye-sub printing after reading that. It’s all a little too technical, isn’t it?

Let’s simplify this and remove all of those complicated techy terms, shall we?

The Facts about Dye Sub…
So, ‘Dye Sub’, or as the full term goes ‘dye sublimation’ is a unique printing method which prints using sheets of ink. When you press the print button, these sheets of ink are heated up so much that they begin to form of gas. After this, the heat begins to cool down and eventually returns to a solid state on the media. This process is known as ‘sublimating’.

So, what are the benefits of dye sub printing, and how does it compare with inkjet machines?

The Benefits of Dye Sub
As the dye sub printer lays down each colour separately, print speeds are indeed considerably lower than those produced by inkjet photo printers, however prints are vibrant and high resolution.

In retail, dye sub machines such as the Canon Selphy range sell both media and ink together as a set depending on the size of image that you wish to print. Ideal for those wanting to print directly from their camera on the go.

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