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Covid-19 Safety Signage From Brother

assorted Covid-19 printed labels on a stickerboard

Covid-19 has been having a huge negative impact on the world. Brother has come up with some brilliant solutions, products and advice on safety signage to help deal with the pandemic and increase Covid-19 safety in and around all working environments. These cover all aspects from recommended label printers, to the long-lasting, clear warning signs and simple stickers applicable around the workplace for safety guidance.

Covid-19 Safety Label Requirements

There are a few requirements when it comes to the clear labelling needed for Covid-19 awareness. Brother label printers, tapes and labels make this a very easy process when used with their free templates.

  • Create clear signs for one-way traffic flow
  • Mark up 2-Metre social distance areas.
  • Signpost entry and exit points
  • Update guidance signs, such as maximum occupancy
  • Reinforce best practice Hygiene
  • Identify assets to limit the risk of transmission through sharing

Free Covid-19 Awareness Templates for Brother Label Printers

Brother has created clear and simple labels for use on their label printers. Good news is, they are free to use and produce long-lasting, clear to read signs when paired with Brothers QL, or P-Touch range printers.

The download includes the following:

  • Display one-way traffic clearly
  • 2-Metre distance markings
  • Hygiene labels
  • Entry and Exit signs

Labelling Solutions for Covid-19 Signage

With a massive range of sizes capable of printing label widths of 12mm up to 62mm wide labels on the standard QL Printer line and even better, a further 103mm with the Wide Format QL-1100 series.

The TZ series tapes, on the other hand, offer a thinner but weatherproof continuous rolls. These labels range from 3.5mm up to 36mm wide on some models, offering eye-catching labels, guaranteed to raise Covid-19 safety awareness in your workplace.

two meter distance Covid-19 safety label in yellow

The Brother QL-1110NWB is one of the most popular label printers. Known for its ability to print wide labels from 12mm up to 102mm in width, makes it more than ideal for creating simple and clear to read Covid-19 awareness signs using the dedicated DK22243 label roll.

Brother "Wash Hands Frequently" TZ Tape signage on a washroom wall

Brother TZ Tapes are an alternative to the QL labels. These range from 3.5mm to 36mm wide. They are weatherproof thanks to a laminate coating and a range of colours to raise Covid-19 awareness in and around your workplace.

Brother TZ tape in an arrow shape

A perfect example of TZ labels used in the workplace. Serve as labels with text or also directional signage with a little bit of creativity. Good for indoor and outdoor use, their hard-wearing and weatherproof capabilities make them ideal for Covid-19 safety signage.

Recommended Brother Label Printers

  • QL-1100/1110NWB
  • QL-800 Series
  • PT-D800W Series
  • PT-D600


Recommended Brother Labels & Tapes

  • DK22243 for QL-1100 Label Printers
  • DK22251 for QL-800 Label Printers
  • TZe651 for PT-D800W Label Printers
  • TZe132 for PT-D600 Label Printers


Brother Covid-19 Safety Signage and Labelling Solutions

Brother already supply a wide range of label printers, labels and tapes for signage, identification and social distancing requirements, to ensure key information is visible across different office locations, both internally and externally. Here is a video showcasing the catalogue.

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