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Why Doesn’t an iPhone Support Printing by Bluetooth?

Printing wirelessly from devices, specifically iPhone’s, can all get a bit more complicated than it needs to sometimes. There are ways to print wirelessly on an iPhone that allows you to print but Bluetooth isn’t one of them due to restrictions in what the iPhone will support. The iPhone has proprietary AirPrint technology built in for connecting to printers that also has this technology. However, you can’t print from an iPhone on a Bluetooth printer as the iPhone doesn’t support certain Bluetooth profiles that are required to allow such a function.

If the printer hasn’t got AirPrint but has Wi-Fi, then you could print using a suitable app depending on the make and model as the iPhone does support general Wi-Fi printing.

When buying your printer, it will normally be listed in the spec or the brochure of the printer whether it has AirPrint capabilities as it’s quite a desirable feature.

You can also find a list of all printers that support Apple AirPrint on the Apple site.

Here at Printerbase, we have a huge range of printers that supports this and many other forms of wireless printing. Get in touch if you need any extra help or assistance picking the right printer for you.

Happy Printing!

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