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Xerox Toner, Does The Real Deal Matter?

Does Using Genuine Toners Matter?

As long as printers use toner, cheaper alternatives will be available even including the top quality from Xerox Toners. That’s even the case with us here at Printerbase. We offer a guarantee, brilliant quality and low prices. But at the end of the day, why should you stick to using Xerox own cartridges?

Do Genuine Toners Really Matter?

To an extent, yes. Manufacturers prefer having their toners in the machine for peace of mind and keeping everything “In house”. If there’s an issue with the printer, they can narrow it down and keep everything under their warranty without the hassle. If there’s even an issue with the printer, and you’re not using Genuine cartridges, manufacturers may not service the printer out of a standard warranty.

Lifetime Warranty With Andrew And James

Free Extended Warranty With Genuine Xerox Toner

Xerox are the only printer brand that offers a Free Extended Warranty to those using their toner cartridges. Just register your new set of cartridges on the Xerox website and have peace of mind, alongside that well-known print quality.

Made For Reliability

Using the correct, genuine cartridges from Xerox guarantees compatibility with your printer. Made by Xerox technicians to ensure function, day in, day out. Are you printing heavy, printing often? Stick to genuine toner for minimal defects.

Made For Reliability poster
Made For Superior Results

Made for Superior results

Developed in house at Xerox, their toners work perfectly with their machines. These are designed to give a premium and vibrant print quality on every page. It’s great at first, saving so much on those cheap toners, but is it the near-perfect print worth it?

Made For Sustainability

Xerox pride themselves on sustainability, having a “low melt” technology means a printer will use less power when using toner.

James and Andrew Made For Sustainability

Do Genuine Toners Really Matter?

Of Course Using Genuine Cartridges Gives The Best Quality

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