Where can I get my printer repaired?

Accidents happen, and unfortunately, like any other electronic device, printers don’t last forever. The good news is, if something happens to your printer, the chances are, there is something that can be done to fit it. Whether it involves replacing and fitting a certain part or whatever else the issue may be, most printer repairs are fairly simple. In this news post, I’m going to share with you all the information you need on where you can go if your printer is broken and needs fixing.

Still under warranty?

If your machine is still under manufacturer warranty, then you’re in luck. Providing that the terms and conditions of the warranty haven’t been breached in any way, being within warranty means you can contact the manufacturer of your machine directly for technical advice and support, or to get the device repaired. The manufacturer of your machine will ask you for details on what is wrong with the machine, and depending on what the issue is, they will either advise how you can fix the issue from home, replace the machine or arrange for it to be repaired.

Warranty expired?

If on the other hand your warranty has expired, don’t worry, there are still things that you can do to fix the problem. So, whilst you won’t qualify for a free repair or a brand-new machine, you are still more than welcome to contact the manufacturer, who can often supply a quote for repair. Alternatively, the manufacturer may recommend a local service agent to you. Either way, the manufacturer will offer you honest advice irrespective of the fact that your warranty has expired. You will always have that support.

Third party printer repair specialists

Depending on how you wish to approach the issue, you can also contact a third-party repair company who will happily look over your machine to determine whether or not they can fix it. If you choose to go down this route, your best bet would be to carry out an online search for local printer repair centres. When you call them, simply enquire as to whether or not they service your brand/type of device.


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Happy printer repairing!

The Printerbase Team

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  1. norman steven says: Reply

    My canon MG2950s printer stop printen the little orange light at side A flashes B stays on what can i do to fix it please help me i can`t afford a new one thank you.

    1. Hi Norman, thanks for getting in touch.

      If you take a look at the error page on the following manual you should hopefully be able to identify exactly what the problem is – https://bit.ly/2HGk8Sz

      The Printerbase Team

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