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Issues Reported When Printing from Microsoft Edge

Some reports have started coming in that users are having issues when trying to print from machines since they have updated to Windows 10. It has since been discovered that the issue is Microsoft’s new browser, Microsoft Edge. Edge is designed as a replacement for Internet Explorer but some users have reported issues when using this and when trying to print. There are a couple of different ways you may be able to get round this but by far the easiest would be to simply use another browser like Chrome to print from.

Possible Solutions

However, if you’re wanting to get around this issue in Edge then try a couple of the below suggestions –

  1. Use a shortcut – Rather than going the longer route when printing, use the shortcut Ctrl + P to directly bring up the print box. Some users have reported this allows them to print in Edge without any issues.
  2. Troubleshooter – Some people have reported that running the printer troubleshooter has fixed the issue for them. To do this –
  • Press the windows key + S and enter printers.
  • Select devices and printers, set a new default printer and select set as default printer.
  • Locate the printer you’re having an issue with, right click and select troubleshoot.
  • Make sure the printer you’re troubleshooting is set as default and press apply fix.
  1. Change default printers – Try selecting another printer as the default before switching back to the printer you’re having the issues with.
  2. Print to PDF – Try using ‘Print to PDF’ instead.
  3. Install old drivers – Some people managed to fix this issue by installing old printer drivers (you may need to remove existing drivers first).
  4. Windows Updates – Make sure your PC is installed with the latest Windows updates.

If you’ve encountered this issue and have found another method that fixes this, then feel free to let us know and we’ll update our post.

The Printerbase Team

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