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Benefits of Scanning With Fujitsu

Benefits Of Scanning With Fujitsu Banner

Scanning can be a lot more complex than just producing a digital copy. Where is the destination? What file type is required? And is having OCR software important? In this blog, we’ll be explaining the benefits of scanning with Fujitsu and how they can handle each of these common problems with ease.

OCR (Optical Character Recognition)

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is the electronic conversion of images on a document. For example, scanning a document full of text without OCR will recognise the document as an image. Basically, OCR is a technical translator. With OCR on, all the text will be registered by the scan to allow “Searchable documents” Converting your scan into a PDF also allows it to be edited thanks to OCR software

Fujitsu Scanners with OCR

One of the main benefits of scanning with a Fujitsu scanner is the inclusion of OCT across almost all the Fujitsu range. This feature is enabled automatically to make creating a searchable text document simple.

What File Types Are Supported By Fujitsu?

  • JPEG (Image-based file)
  • PDF (Standard document)
  • Searchable PDF (Standard Document with OCR activated)
  • Password-protected PDF (Secure document)
  • PDF/A (PDF with embedded alternative Fonts, cannot be customised, good for archiving)

Whether you’re scanning important work documents, long manuscripts or pictures, there’s a suitable file type built into your Fujitsu scanner to cover all grounds.

What Are The Benefits of Scanning Documents?

Scanning documents has many advantages, whether you’re looking to save money, store all your files in secure and easy-to-find areas, or even take your hand-made artwork to the digital age. All of these can be accomplished with a desktop scanner from Fujitsu.

Save Money

Document scanning eliminates the need for additional print copies and the paper and ink used in the process. Even from a postage perspective, a scanned document can be securely emailed to the recipient, rather than posting, saving time and stamps.


Fujitsu document-sharing systems are easily implemented into your business for faster access and sharing in real time. Think of those working from home needing to sign and return a contract, with a scanner, they can print the document, hand sign it, then scan it back to a recipient email.

Easy Organisation

Electronic documents are much easier to organise compared to their paper counterparts. Plus, when scanned using the OCR software, finding specific text in any scanned documents is simple.

Save Space

Think about it, how much space do documents take up, especially contracts, or manuscripts? If these documents get scanned, they’re stored digitally, taking up no physical space. This is perfect for a home or hybrid working environment.


How would a paper document survive in a fire or a flood? It wouldn’t. A scanner can protect these documents in the face of danger. Keep your files safe in a folder in the cloud, or on your USB stick, hard drive or desktop. Plus, over time a paper document will age and lose quality. A digitally backed-up copy would be safe from deterioration.


There are many benefits of scanning, and Fujitsu covers them all whether it is to digitise a photo taken at home or scan an important contract at work. There’s a space-saving scanner to save the space taken up by piles of paper documents.

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