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Does Your Business Work Smartly? Three Ways To Boost Your Print Productivity

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Adversity has often led to great leaps in innovation and productivity throughout our history.

The coronavirus-induced lockdown is no different – it’s revolutionised how we all work in a very short space of time. Rather than relying on physical spaces, businesses across every sector have been pushed to create, collaborate, manage and communicate using digital tools.

Continuing to drive productivity gains through technology will be central to the economic recovery and research from Brother UK has revealed that it is now the priority focus for 84 per cent of IT decision-makers.

Print and scan will form a vital part of the future technology mix for every business and we spoke to Sara Diggle, head of SMB laser and scanner business unit at Brother UK about the three factors you should consider to unlock greater productivity.

1. Ensure Your Printers Are Built For Speed And Scalability

If your employees are having to queue in a backlog of print jobs or are running late because they had to wait for paperwork, the resulting delays have knock-on effects.

High performance, multifunction devices built for businesses combine fast and reliable printing with high yield toners and paper-handling features to eradicate these issues and work quicker, for longer.

To further future-proof your print system, choose a solution that is scalable. For example, opt for a device that can increase its paper handling capacity to support higher demand as your business grows, or select a system with more devices to decentralise print and offer increased availability in printing hotspots – something that is increasingly important in preventing crowding and maintaining social distancing measures.

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2. Implement Cloud Platforms To Manage Home And Office Working

The future of work for many previously office-based employees will almost certainly revolve around a rota of office and home-based working, which poses a new challenge for IT professionals who suddenly need to manage print devices connected to their network in potentially hundreds of locations.

Cloud-based platforms, such as Brother’s BRAdmin, offer the ability to manage all of your devices wherever they are. They can remove the need to wait for tech issues to be resolved and your support teams can stay in one place, which will prove a significant time-saver for any business whose teams need to print at home or while working remotely.

3. Align Your Printers With An Enterprise Platform

The answer for most organisations when it came to developing more efficient digital workflows for its employees lay in an enterprise platform, such as SAP, Google G Suite or Microsoft SharePoint.

But to create an end-to-end system which can capitalise on the efficiency gains on offer, you should ensure your print and scan solutions are compatible.

While each point in isolation will only deliver a marginal gain, together they can be rolled-out to deliver significant efficiencies for your business.

Read more about how you can easily improve to your print operations to boost productivity in Brother’s Guide to Improving Your Print Productivity

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