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Amazon to patent 3D Printing delivery trucks?

It’s no secret that large companies across the world are considering how they can successfully enter the world of 3D printing – and Amazon are no different after they filed a patent, which outlined their plan to offer 3D printing on demand via mobile manufacturing hubs.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office published Amazon’s patent filing, which will allow the online retailer to offer 3D-printed products on demand to their customer.

The potential service will see customers order items to be printed and shipped, with some orders printed by a 3D printing delivery truck that will take it straight to the customer.

Amazon have said that the addition of 3D printers would save money, as it would negate the need for the company to import items and store them in warehouses.  Not only that, but it would also result in orders getting to the customer much faster.

“Increased space to store additional inventory may raise costs for the electronic marketplace. Additionally, time delays between receiving an order and shipping the item to the customer may reduce customer satisfaction and affect revenues generated,” Amazon explained in their patent application.

“Accordingly, an electronic marketplace may find it desirable to decrease the amount of warehouse or inventory storage space needed, to reduce the amount of time consumed between receiving an order and delivering the item to the customer, or both.”

It seems that Amazon could well be offering 3D printing on delivery trucks – would this be a service you would use?

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