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A 3D Printer made from Lego!

We’re sure you’ve seen all the news regarding the incredible innovations that 3D printing is offering to consumers – however, impressive as they are, the price is still fairly extortionate for the average home user.

This is a problem that Matthew Krueger, an engineering student, faced himself when 3D printer models such as the MakerBot came on the market.

Keen on the impressive technology, but unable to afford the huge expense, Matthew set about creating his own version from whatever materials he had at the time.  And what did he have available to him? An old box of Lego!

From there, the LEGObot was born…

Based on the first version of the MakerBot, the LEGObot is made almost completely out of lego pieces, with a ego Mindstorms NXT kit and four power supplies also used to build the impressive device.

The LEGObot prints using glue gun sticks as its printing material, so it is limited – however, Matthew has revealed that the next version of his LEGObot will allow him to shorten the height of the platform, reduce wobble and use g-code files.  As well as that, he also plans to experiment using wax and heat-melting resins in the future.

Could we soon see a build-your-own-3D printer Lego set become available?  We’d certainly buy one!

If you want to have a go at building your own version of the LEGObot, then follow the instructions HERE!

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