What is Samsung SyncThru™ Admin 6?

You have had Samsung SyncThru™ Admin 6 recommended to your business as the way forward for your print setup, or maybe you’ve simply heard about it and want to know what it is!

Well, put simply, Samsung SyncThru™ Admin 6 is a robust printer fleet management solution that is designed to help large organisations increase their efficiency and productivity.

It is incredibly simple to install and gives you the ability to manage, monitor and diagnose multiple printing devices remotely.

As well as that, it also allows you to ensure that your print setup maintains an advanced, professional performance level through collecting summary data on an ongoing basis that can be used to deliver status and analysis reports – you can monitor everything!

How do you manage your print fleet using SyncThru™ Admin 6?

Up to 5,000 devices can be easily monitored through the SyncThru™ Admin 6 PC Dashboard.  Using interactive widgets, which are displayed as an image, pie chart, table or columns, you can analyse the data with ease and access reports on demand instantly.

You can keep on top of your printing when on-the-go, too – with the Mobile Dashboard available on a wide range of smartphones and tablet devices.

Fully compatible with all of Samsung’s reliable print devices, it is the ideal system for large organisations, who want to keep their print fleet running smoothly at all times.