Why is My Printer Offline?

My printer’s appearing offline! Why!? We hear you ask. It’s frustrating we know but there could be a number of reasons why a previously functioning printer may start to appear as unavailable or offline. There are some obvious things you can check to see why your machine may not be appearing as available to print.

Do I have Connection Issues?

The most obvious thing to check after ensuring that the device is powered up is that it is connected correctly. If you use your device via a printer cable connection, then you need to ensure that the machine is connected to both the printer and computer. If the connection here appears to be OK, then you may wish to try a different cable/USB port on your computer to ensure that neither is faulty.

What About Network Issues?

If you use your device on a wired network, then ensure that the ethernet cable is connected to the machine and then to your port/hub and that the indicator lights are on. If they are not, then you should try a different cable or check with your IT administrator that there is not a problem with the network itself.

If you are certain that the network is active, and it is correctly connected, then the issue could be in the settings on the device itself. If for example your printer is assigned an automatic IP address, it could be that this has changed. You can print out a network configuration page and check that the IP address on the printer matches the address assigned to it in your printer driver. If you aren’t familiar with this process, then simply reinstalling the printer may solve the problem.

Could it be Wireless Issues??

Wireless Issues Image

While this is still a form of network connection, in addition to checking the assigned IP address, you need to check that the Wi-Fi connection has not been lost between the printer and router/hub. You can usually check this through the device control panel to ensure it is connected. It is also worth checking your router is functioning correctly too.

In most of the above cases, provided you are satisfied the machine is connected correctly you may simply need to reinstall the drivers. You can usually find these on the manufacturer website or the original disc that came with the printer if you still have this. This may be necessary in circumstances where you have recently had a computer system update that could cause a driver issue.

In cases where the above does not work and you still find your printer offline, we recommend contacting the manufacturer of the device directly for some troubleshooting tips and advice.

We hoped this helped! If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below.

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  1. This is the same issue that I have also faced some days before and what actually occurs that my printer got offline after a certain time span. I use Epson printer and it is connected with my Windows 7 PC. I then checked the epson printer error 0x69 and it suggested me to upgrade the Windows 7 to Windows 10 to overcome this issue. This technique really solved the error.

    1. Thanks for your reply Jack.

  2. When i was trying to make a print from the printer it shows offline status. I check the power button it is on but still shows the offline status when i try to make a print. I unplugged it and than try but still same issue. than i found solution on https://www.canonprintersupportnumbers.com/blog/how-to-fix-canon-printer-offline-error/ for the guidelines.

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