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Samsung unveils software developer kit for MFPs

Samsung has unveiled its new Smart UX Software Developer Kit, which opens up the possibility of adding Android features on the new range of Samsung Multifunction Printers.

The introduction of the new Software Developer Kit [SDK] will allow developers to create unique Android applications for Samsung MFPs, opening up a whole new range of possibilities in the world of print.

“We believe that printers should be as user-friendly as a mobile. Based on this firm belief, we introduced the first Android-based Smart UX center in 2014. It has shown that people can use apps to do great and productive work right on their printer – just as they do on their mobiles,” said David SW Song, Samsung’s Senior Vice President of Strategy Marketing and Sales.

“Our in-house apps have received great feedback from our partners; but we know they would love to offer even more customization, and that’s why we launched the SDK.

“With its unlimited extensibility of printer functions, the SDK will encourage developers to create a wider range of apps that will be customized for the individual needs and business workflows of print users. The SDK will expand our current professional partnership and provide better user experiences that you would have never expected from a printer.”

The Smart UX SDK is an Android-based open interface technology for Samsung’s new range of MFPs. The Smart UX SDK provides a comprehensive suite of features to allow application developers to integrate features such as copying, scanning, and printing into Android applications in a secure manner. With numerous “easy to use, easy to deploy” Android-based APIs, Samsung have revealed that they are expecting to see more optimised apps that will improve productivity and efficiency.

Developers can explore a broad range of options through sample scenarios and test their app before installing it with Smart UX Simulator. The apps submitted are evaluated and registered at the Samsung Printing App Center, alongside Samsung’s existing selection of apps.

With the new SDK, businesses, firms and organisations can now improve their Samsung MFPs based on the specific needs, using apps that are tailored to their unique requirements.

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