Epson offer free SureColor printer training

surecolor printerEpson have announced that they are offering free SureColor printer training at their dedicated training facility in Hemel Hempstead.

The Epson SureColor Academy will run intensive one-day sessions, which have been specifically created for the SureColor printer series, on 28th January and 25th February

The aim of the hands-on training session is to help users improve the print quality and production process when using their SureColor printer.

The topics that will be covered in the SureColor printer training sessions are:

  • Manufacturer maintenance routines to reduce downtime and improve quality
  • Using correct RIP & printer settings to improve productivity & reduce waste
  • Effective set-up and calibration of printer for high speed production
  • Learn to print on a range of different medias to expand your business
  • How to improve colour consistency and ease of colour reproduction
  • Keeping your firmware up-to-date ensuring you take advantage of latest developments

Additional support is offered to users via the Epson SureColor Academy online portal, which provides tools and information to help SureColor printer owners consistently get the best from their machine.

Registered users have access to a library of media profiles and printer setup, which allows them to easily optimise the performance and reliability of their SureColor printer.  There’s also practical tips and tricks, case studies, interviews with experts and plenty more to improve skills, get the right results and enhance creativity.

James Lawrence-Jones, Technical Production & Supply Chain Director, Photobox, recently experienced the SureColor printer training and said: “I’d recommend Epson’s SureColor Academy training to any SureColor printer users. The hands-on sessions give you in-depth access to Epson’s technical expertise so you get the most out of your printer.

“Since attending, we have improved our material load speeds and first time success rates. We’ve also improved our understanding of cleaning and maintaining the printers, and therefore reduced the time spent on those tasks. Our operators have gained a better understanding and expertise in getting the very best results from the SureColor printer range.”

Spaces are limited, so if you’re interested in the Epson SureColor Academy training, register here.