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PRINT TIPS: Avoid using print buttons

Following on from our last print tip, we have yet another for you that is sure to come in handy…

Yes, that’s right – our advice to you is to avoid using the print buttons – which, admittedly, sounds like a strange thing for Printerbase to say…

The Print button on an application, which is, more often than not, located on the toolbar, may seem like a much quicker and convenient way to get your print started – however, this isn’t as straight forward as it may seem!

The Print button will often use the default print settings – the very same ones that will bypass important options – making the whole process far more instant.

Now, this will work well if you’re in a rush, but if you’re looking to save on costs or get a specific type of print, it is most definitely better to avoid it.

After all, you could up needlessly wasting paper and ink or get the print wrong, meaning you’ll simply have to go back and start again.

Instead, select File and then Print – this will usually display a window with a number of options to set margins, pages to print, orientation and so on. ¬†Using this process, although it takes a little bit longer, will give you the tailored print you’re after!

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