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How do I print a cheque from a printer?

From photos, to letters and private, sensitive information, printers are now used to process a portfolio of different documents – including cheques. One of the topics you, our customers, would like to know more about is printing cheques. So, in this blog post, I’m going to share all the information you need to know about how to successfully print cheques without making any rookie mistakes. Let’s hope this helps!

Printing a cheque – the basics

The simplest method of printing a cheque is by using your accounting software, such as SAGE, which will generally have the means to print a cheque direct from the program itself. If you are using an alternate accounting software program, simply check the guide provided for instructions. You could also contact the software provider for further information and assistance on cheque printing.

Printing a cheque without designated software

If you would like to print a cheque but don’t have the designated software to do so, then you must first check that your device supports the size of the cheque you wish to print – minimum sizes can usually be found in the user guide – and then measure this against your cheque.

The size is supported. What’s next?

If the necessary size is supported by your device, you would then need to create your own template in a word processor, or download a suitable template online. This part of the process can involve a lot of ‘trial and error’ when it comes to perfecting the spacing and placement.  We therefore recommend that you perform any testing on a piece of plain paper, as opposed to printing directly onto the cheque. Once you have spaced everything correctly, you can then print onto the cheque.


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Happy printing!

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