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Mataerial create a 3D printer that defies gravity

There are so many developments occurring in the 3D Printing industry, it’s actually becoming difficult to keep up!

We’ve had food being printed, manufacturing developments and even 3D printers for your home, however, the latest news is just as impressive – particularly from a visual point of view!

A company called Mataerial have built a fully-functioning machine that can print gravity-defying material from all different angles – off the floor, wall etc.

3D Printers that you may have already seen require a flat tray, which is where the finished product is printed out onto.  However, Mataerial’s invention is different as the robot arm deposits a special mix of thermoset polymers that instantly solidify – it’s almost as if a structure is appearing out of nowhere.  You’re certainly witnessing instantaneous manufacturing, anyway!

Mataerial themselves have also claimed that their printer can print an object in a variety of colours by simply injecting coloured dye during the process.

This will certainly interest the architects and artists amongst you, as well as though generally fascinated by 3D Printing technology like us here at Printerbase!  We’re looking forward to seeing more!

Check out the incredible video below showing Mataerial’s 3D Printer at work:

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