Make your drawings 3D with Doodle3D

It seems everyone wants to get involved in the 3D Printing phenomenon and, with the printers themselves reportedly coming down in price, it surely won’t be too long, either!

There is still one drawback, though – the complicated 3D design programs are difficult to master, to say the least. However, this problem may well have been solved by the team behind Doodle3D.

Doodle3D is described as “a very simple sketching tool”, which allows users of all abilities to make their drawings come to life using 3D print technology. No in-depth knowledge of any software is needed; you just draw, send to print and watch how the technology works first hand – incredibly easy!

Users can create a simple line drawing on their iPad or computer, press print and then watch as the 3D printer turns it into a 3D object by layering the plastic. You can also modify the object in a simple way, too – just sculpt and rotate in the app. There’s no need for confusing blueprints!

Check out the video below to discover how the Doodle3D WiFi box works:

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