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Improving Office Productivity

Improving your office productivity should be a main priority in your workplace. You’d be surprised how much time you could be losing because of this and how out of date your office could be.

Recent research conducted suggests that almost 80% of office workers polled in the UK said that their workplace is out of date when it comes to technology, while 14 hours a month are wasted by UK employees searching for documents and waiting for printers. That’s a whole lot of wasted time that could be used much more productively.

Here are some tips to improving your office’s productivity –

    1. Document Management Tools – There are lots of document management tools out there, which can help to automatically index, archive and generally maintain documents. This means people will have to save documents in the right places. Rather than them being saved in hard to find locations, which is more common than you’d expect.
    2. Advanced Technology – Invest that little bit extra in technology that can grow and adapt with your business rather than having to replace technology when it becomes outdated and useless. E.g. there are some great multifunction printers that offer lots of advanced connectivity and flexible printing options that suits a number of different projects and scenarios rather than just one.
    3. Speed – Look for printers with fast warm-up times and quick prints per minute. Printers with the capability to print fast in these areas increase productivity and lower wasted time over the course of the year, especially if you’re a company with high print volume.
    4. Take advantage of all features – Lots of printers, multifunction’s especially, scanners and other machines have some great time-saving features such as automatic double-sided printing, auto-document feeders and other similar functions to take out a lot of the manual work that’s time consuming.
    5. Proof! And proof again! – You’d be amazed at the amount of time and resource that can be lost on mistakes and errors on prints. Triple checking large documents before printing can seriously save your company time and money.
    6. Wireless Connectivity – Being able to print documents wirelessly can save you a whole lot of time. Not only is this time-saving on desktops and laptops, but if you have a printer that can wirelessly print from mobile devices… even better!

Did You Know?
Office worker’s waste more tome on slow technology than they spend on holiday.

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