HP are Reinventing Impact in Haiti with HP Planet Partners Programme

This is Rosette’s Story

HP’s dedication to improving the environment is a key feature of the HP brand and their ‘Planet Partners’ pledge is how they hope to do so. As part of this commitment, they’ve turned their attentions to improving the conditions at the Trutier landfill in Haiti, a country that heavily relies on bottled water due to the lack of clean water resulting in a ‘trash and sanitation’ epidemic due to its limited infrastructure.

The HP Planet Partners programme is HP’s pledge to help make the world a greener place through a number of initiatives. Printerbase are extremely proud to support HP’s Planet Partner scheme knowing the benefits and significance this brings to helping achieve a much greener environment.

HP are now purchasing recycled plastic made with the raw materials collected at this landfill and using them to make new ink cartridges. This in turn helps to improve the conditions of Haiti, improve and provide sustainable jobs and help the community in a country that’s in desperate need of help.

Rosette is just one of the many people working to provide her family with a better way of life and a brighter future and this is her story.