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Functionalize to launch conductive 3D printing filament?

conductive 3d printing filamentNow that 3D Printers are becoming increasingly popular with home users, businesses and large corporations, the race to jump to the next step is on – and it seems Functionalize have raced ahead with their plans to launch a conductive 3D printing filament called F-Electric.

In a bid to speed up the launch of their F-Electric conductive 3D printing filament, Functionalize, who were founded by Michael Toutonghi, have launched a Kickstarter project to raise $100,000.

Those funds will be used for material that will allow any user to 3D-print wires, circuits, power connectors and other electrical components inside 3D creations.  From there, separate manufacturing processes can be avoided – making it much more simple for engineers to build electronics inside 3D-printed objects.

According to Functionalize, their conductive 3D printing filament is 1,000-times more electrically conductive than what is currently available.

“Imagine a world where you can 3D print a drone, your next cell phone, an Internet of Things device, or the latest wearable electronics as a fully functional devices, complete with circuits and electrical components,” a statement from Toutonghi read.

“That’s where we’re going, and our F-Electric filament is a major step forward in making this a reality. Using our nanomaterials and processes, we’ll have the chance to invent all sorts of new, functional materials that Makers need to launch their designs and prototypes.”

Functionalize was launched by Toutonghi in 2013 after he discovered that no 3D printer could print general circuits into the plastic 3D-printed creations.

Check out the video explaining the story behind the F-Electric conductive 3D printing filament below:

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