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Candy: the cheapest 3D food printer available?

3d food printer3D Ventures, a start-up company based in the UK, have launched their own Kickstarter campaign in a bid to produce and launch the cheapest 3D food printer available on the market.

The 3D food printer, which has been named Candy, will be capable of printing confectionery designs on cakes and cookies straight from an SD card.

There is an SD card that comes with pre-loaded designs, too – though, you can also create your own and print them on the Candy 3D food printer.

The creators of the 3D food printer are hoping to sell the device for around £359, which, according to their Kickstarter page, is “less than half the price of other food 3D printers on the market today”.

With this being the only 3D food printer specifically aimed at desserts, 3D Ventures are hoping to target a wide range of users, from 3D enthusiasts, home bakers and even professionals.

Users can print with any semi-solid foodstuff, such as melted chocolate, peanut butter or cake batter, to print their individual designs that add a unique touch to any bakes.

“Our product is aimed at 3D-printing enthusiasts, professional users and home users. You can print cookies in any shape. It’s fun, but also really fun to use,” said Razvan Creanga, 3D Ventures’ CEO.

The Candy 3D food printer is aesthetically appealing, too – with a sleek, modern, open design that allows you to see the print as it happens, as well as clean easily after use.  With an LCD screen for simple navigation and a range of bright colours, the Candy 3D food printer will slot into any kitchen.

“It’s made of fibreglass so we think it will fit in anybody’s kitchen and won’t look out of place,” added Creanga.

Find out more about the Candy 3D food printer on their Kickstarter page here!

Check out the video below to see the 3D device in action:

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