Xerox Office Fax IF6020 vs IF6025

The Office Fax IF6020 machine only has two receive modes:

Automatic The machine will always try to receive a fax. If it’s a voice call the user will not be made aware and the call will be lost.
Manual The machine will ring continuously until the user picks up the call. If it’s a fax, the user will then have to press a button to receive it.

We would only recommend the Xerox Office Fax IF6020 for customers with a dedicated fax line or those who only want to receive faxes when they are next to the machine.

The Xerox Office Fax IF6025 machine is a whole different story. This model is suitable for a shared phone and fax line due to having four receive modes:

Automatic Same as IF6020 but will do an internal pseudo ring if the call is not a fax.
Manual Same as IF6020.
Phone/Fax Same as IF6025 automatic mode but continues to do an internal pseudo ring while checking if it’s a fax or voice call.
TAD/Fax Use this if you plug an answering machine into the unit. The unit will expect the call to be picked up by the answering machine (or user) and then will listen for fax tones. If it’s a fax the unit will then cut off the call to the answering machine (or user) and receive the fax.

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