VIDEO: What is Xerox Intelligent Ready?

What is Xerox Intelligent Ready?

We’ve put together a short video to explain exactly what Xerox Intelligent Ready is and how this excellent print feature from Xerox could help you in your office.

To give you a brief idea, Xerox Intelligent Ready is a mode on Xerox printers that monitors and “learns” how you use your device on a daily basis.

From there, the automated system will then warm up and prepare your Xerox printer for when you are most likely to use it, leaving it in standby for when you are not using it.  Xerox Intelligent Ready is ideal for helping you stay eco-friendly and keep your print setup productive and cost-effective.

You can activate Xerox Intelligent Ready mode via the front panel of your printer, or use PhaserLink to change other settings.

Find out more about Xerox Intelligent Ready in the video below: