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VIDEO: Print pictures on your coffee with a latte printer!

face printed on a cup of coffeeYou make the trip to work, you head to your usual cafe for a morning pick-me-up, drink it down and off to the office?  Sound boring?  Well, that’s because it is!

But, the question is; how on earth do you make buying a coffee exciting?  Well, Taiwan coffee chain, Let’s Cafe, may just have the answer…

In a bid to compete with the larger coffee giants, Let’s Cafe – who have kiosks in larger supermarkets, rather than standalone stores – have introduced the latte printer, which allows customers to print unique images onto their cup of coffee.

You can enter the cafe, upload an image from your mobile to the machine and it is sprinkled onto the top of the latte in the form of cocoa powder.  Anything is possible; a picture of you, some text or even a funny picture you’ve taken that day.

It has been a big hit, too, with many sharing their images online via twitter and Facebook.

Could we see the coffee printers hitting our shores in the future?  They’re sure to be popular everywhere, that’s for sure…

Check out the video below for the story behind the coffee printer:

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