VIDEO: How does Xerox Secure Print work?

Every so often, many people will want to print something confidentially – however, when you work in a large office or print in a library, for example, that can become quite difficult.

Lots of different people using the same printer will obviously result your prints being seen by others – and when you need to be confidential, this can be a problem.

Now, though, there is a way in which you can tackle this… Secure Print!

How does it work, then? Well, put simply, Xerox Secure Print allows you to assign a password / PIN (Personal Identification Number) to the document when you send it to the printer.

The document will not print till you walk up to the printer and release the document to print using the password / PIN you previously assigned – the feature is activated in the driver when you send the job to print.

This feature is particularly useful for anyone printing documents with sensitive information, such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, confidential work product, medical information etc. – it will also keep the office snoop from reading your documents!

So, basically, unless invisible ink toners become the latest invention, this is the best way to safeguard your documents, as it’ll also keep your document from being taken by somebody else, too!

Check out Xerox’s video showing how Secure Print works on their models: