Wireless Print Security – Securing Your Wireless Printer

In an age of fast technological and cyber advances and even faster cyber hackers, it’s not silly to be thinking about securing your wireless printer. There are plenty of wireless printers on the market now but just as you need to secure your own personal wireless network, you should secure your wireless printer where possible. A lot of times people […]

Cybercrime and Print Security

With help from the media, the awareness surrounding cybercrime has increased, and a growing number of people are learning about the everyday risks posed by this threat. Cybercrime is a form of electronic hacking performed by a technological computer system, allowing people to steal private data and sensitive information. Within business, this could mean that personal customer details are leaked, […]

Are you worried about print security?

A recent spike in data breaches in high-profile, well-renowned organisations has highlighted the importance of data protection in businesses of all sizes. Vodafone and Talk Talk are just two of the organisations that have suffered at the hands of data breaching in recent years, raising the concerning point that the machinery that we are using may be inhibiting our data […]

Stay secure when recycling printers

When it comes to recycling printers, there’s plenty to consider, but it’s important to remember to keep your security in mind. When using a PC, laptop or tablet, security is naturally at the forefront of your mind, particularly as these are devices that are used regularly to store important information.  However, while it may not seem obvious, there are other […]