It was a roaring day in the office as Hyde United FC’s mascot joined us for the day!

As one of Hyde United FC’s official club sponsors, we decided to show our support by inviting club mascot, Roary the Tiger, to join us in the office for a day.


Swapping his usual pitch-side surroundings for a day of printers, computers and keyboards, Roary, the enormous, seven-foot tiger, looked just a little out of place as he struggled to type with his huge paws. Tiger troubles, eh? Grrrr…


As you can imagine, things didn’t exactly run smoothly, so to speak. Giant, loud and heavy-pawed, it was soon clear that Roary’s office etiquette wasn’t quite up to scratch. Printers are for printing, Roary – not destroying!


And with that said, I think it’s safe to say that Roary will not be coming back as a full-time member of staff, but we will continue to be his proud sponsor.


To mark the occasion, the team at Printerbase decided to video Roary’s office antics, so that we could share it with all of you right here…


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