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HP Bag Guinness World Record for Printing Longest Line of Photographs

Nowadays, the vast majority of us in possession of smartphone rarely go a full day without taking at least one snap. Whether it’s for Instagram, Snapchat or whatever else, we, the social media-savvy generation, are addicted to documenting our memories and sharing them with our online circles. It’s just considered ‘the norm’.

However, as time pushes forward and social media continues to grow in popularity, the number of us actually taking the time to print photos the traditional way is plummeting drastically.
And what a great shame that is – not just for the printer companies that rely on continuous printing, but for everybody else, too. I mean, come on, how much nicer is it to browse through an actual photo album as opposed to one on Facebook?

With all of this in mind, leading maker of printers for consumers and business, HP, decided to launch a campaign to encourage people to print their pictures, and remind them of the joy of preserving memories in this way. And the campaign, dubbed #ReinventMemories, certainly got people talking.

As part of the campaign, over 10,000 Polish users uploaded and shared their favourite memories to be printed out using HP technology. The campaign wound up at a ‘printing party’ where all attendees were presented with the opportunity to print their favourite memories on the world’s official smallest All-in-One printer, the HP DeskJet 3700. Needless to say, the whole thing made a huge statement in advertising, but on top of that, HP also bagged a Guinness World Record, too!

Yep, it’s totally true, HP officially set the Guinness World Record for the longest line of photographs to be printed.

Pretty cool, right?

When measured, the line of photos, which contained over 10,000 prints, stretched over a whopping three quarters of a mile! The prints were then later used to decorate the 26ft Christmas tree inside of Poland’s Wroclaw shopping mall. But it wasn’t all just about good fun and Guinness World Record-breaking. HP also wanted to do their bit for charity, too. So, for every memory that was sent in, HP donated money to the Empowering Children Foundation – a charity which helps support children and their families.

HP are confident that they succeeded in their mission of reminding people of the magic of printed photos and the joy that printing can create. And of course, bagging a Guinness World Record on the way was just the cherry on top.

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