HP introduce 3D Capture software for the Sprout

Following on from HP’s announcement that they are to launch Sprout, the world’s first immersive PC, it has now been revealed that the exciting new device will also mark the company’s first introduction into 3D Printing, with the release of its 3D Capture software.

The upgrade to Sprout, which comes in July, will be paired with a 3D Capture Stage scanner, allowing users to scan objects using the PC and export them for printing in 3D.

The 3D Capture software works with the Sprout’s built-in camera, which captures the object’s shape, colour and texture before creating a virtual 3D model on the PC itself.

The 3D model can then be edited on the Sprout and even shared with other collaborators as an animated GIF.

“3D Capture allows you to capture any 3D object that would fit on a carousel or the Sprout mat and scan it,” said Jim Christensen, media director at HP.

“Once it’s scanned you’re then able to change it, manipulate it and then print it.”

The 3D Capture software will be available to all Sprout users in July, with the 3D Capture Stage, which is essentially a USB-connected rotating turntable, also going on sale at selected retailers.