3D printed Vacuum Cleaner unveiled

3d printed vacuum cleanerA 3D printed vacuum cleaner has been created by South Africa-based Hans Fouche after he was inspired by a competition ran by Hoover and Thingiverse, which asked users to design new add-ons for their models.

Fouche, who has 3D printed his own lawn mower in the past, included a twist on his design, with the 3D printed vacuum cleaner also doubling up as a decorative vase when not in use.  The perfect design for those who struggle to store their vacuum cleaners!

Along with his partners, Kobus Van der Walt and Adam Oxford, Fouche showed off his 3D printed vacuum cleaner, which started out as a Hoover vacuum before the team designed new components and an outer shell.

From their designs, the three men used a 3D printer to create the vacuum’s shell, nozzle and the main tube in just four hours on a high-end machine. This would, of course, take much longer on the average 3D printer as the parts would need to be broken down into individual pieces before connecting them together.

Fouche told 3DPrint.com that he used 2KG of ABS thermoplastic granules in total to print the entire vacuum cleaner.

The 3D printing innovator also revealed that his next project will be a “beautiful chair”, which he will be designing in the near future.

Would you print your own vacuum cleaner-decorative vase combo?

Check out the video showing the 3D printed vacuum cleaner in action: