3D printing technology used to recreate Syrian monument destroyed by Islamic state

Last year, Palmyra’s famous ‘Arch of Triumph’ was left almost completely destroyed after an attack by alleged Islamic State Militants.

Since then, a group of archaeologists have been using the art of 3D printing technology to recreate an exact replica of the Syrian monument, which was erected in London’s Trafalgar Square yesterday afternoon upon completion.


Created by the Institute of Digital Archaeology (IDA) using 3D technology, this reproduction is made entirely of Egyptian Marble, and looks identical to the original monument. Using photographs of the original arch, this intelligent machinery was able to create an artificial copy that is identical in both scale and size.

Described by Syria’s director of antiquities as an ‘action of solidarity’, the artificial monument will travel to cities all over the world following its opening in London.

For the next three days, tourists and locals in and around London will be able to go and visit the monument where it is located in Trafalgar Square. It will then move onto a host of other locations including Dubai and New York.

Incredible or what?! 3D printing really is opening up a whole new world of possibilities. Don’t forget to check out our official YouTube channel for more.