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HP working on glass 3D printing?

glass 3d printing3D Printing is everywhere and everyone is getting involved with this exciting technology – including HP, who have recently announced their upcoming 3D printers.  However, it seems that isn’t the only thing the printer manufacturer has planned, with a potential for glass 3D printing seemingly on the horizon.

As mentioned, with the the release of the HP 3D printers coming soon, it’s clear that they are working closely with 3D printing technology.  It looks as though it may be more than that, though – with some sharp-eyed readers noticing in a HP job advert for a Robotics Scientist that glass 3D printing is in the pipeline.

The job advert from HP read: “HP Labs’ research into printing of inorganic materials is working towards hybrid printing of glass (and other inorganic materials) onto items that are already mass produced.”

Also, to back up the idea that HP are closing in on glass 3D printing is this from a 2012 HP Labs paper:

“With 90% of the earth’s crust composed of silicate minerals, there will be no shortage of silica resources. Glass is easy to recycle and is environmentally friendly. Glass is inexpensive but looks precious, is pleasant to the touch and is so familiar that customers will not be disappointed by its fragility— under certain conditions.”

The reference in the job advert to glass 3D printing has caused quite a stir within the industry, with many beginning to speculate on what the future could hold for HP when it comes to 3D printing – and how it will effect everybody else!

Should it be brought into 3D printing, could that be the catalyst for the technology in terms of it appealing to a wider demographic?

HP 3D printers will be launched this month, with the devices set to be aimed at businesses, who are looking to invest in 3D printing technology.


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