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Laser Printers

Why our customers love Laser

Often preferred by businesses, laser...

Inkjet Printers

The facts about Inkjet

Inkjet technology has been around for years and...

Label Printers

An Overview of Label Print Devices

Small, simple but very handy...

3D Printers

An Introduction to 3D Printers

With the ability to turn digital files...


Inkjet Printers

Loved by small offices and home users alike, there are some inkjet printers that are used by businesses too. So, whether you’re a business, home-user or small office, we are committed to finding the right model for your print needs. That’s why we stock so many makes and models. We’ve got small, compact, simple machines, perfect for the home, to large, durable, robust devices for your office – and everything in between! With over 13 years’ experience, and a dedicated team on hand to help, we really are the printer specialists. Our team of experts are always on hand to assist you in any way that we can, so make sure you get in touch if you have any queries or concerns that we may be able to help with.


Laser Printers

Originally developed by Xerox in the 1960s, laser printing has become the go-to option for business printing. Unlike inkjets that use liquid ink, laser devices use a dry powder known as toner. A laser or LED draws an image onto a drum within the machine, the toner is attracted to these areas and sticks to the drum. The drum rolls the image onto the page which in turn passes through a heated roller (fuser) that melts the toner onto the page and produces the finished result. A combination of the accuracy of the laser and the fact that the toner does not bleed like ink make lasers ideal for producing crisp and clean text as well as decent images. Laser devices are often not only faster than their inkjet counterparts, but in most cases offer higher yield consumables – meaning that they’re not only fast, but also offer some of the lowest running costs.

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