Xerox ColorQube 8570 Review

Please take a look at our video relating to the new Xerox ColorQube 8570 Solid Ink Printer:

Nick’s Thoughts:

This machine performed well under internal product testing and we found that its performance was on par with the discontinued Phaser 8560 (the ColorQube 8570 was slightly faster when printing in its “Fast Colour” mode).

The noticeable areas of improvement are the way the inks are now loaded into the machine and the added ability to remove them if necessary. The new inks require less heat to become useable, which has allowed the ColorQube 8570 to become Energy Star compliant. Other improvements such as extra memory on the base models and a more powerful processor will help this machine perform well even in the most demanding office.

I’m a huge fan of Xerox’s Solid Ink technology and use one on a daily basis. The solid ink output is totally different to both inkjet and laser so it really depends what you expect from a printer, which is why I’d recommend getting in touch prior to purchase:

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