VIDEO: Automatically change the colours on a printed page

It may sound quite far-fetched, but Motorola really have allowed you to automatically change the colour on the page in January’s issue of Wired magazine.

As part of the marketing campaign for their new Moto X smartphone, Motorola have tried to communicate the customiseable aspect of the device – you can tailor the phone in terms of colour however you’d like – by creating an advert that you can change yourself.

This innovative ad is achieved using plexiglass inside a page of polycarbonate paper, LEDs, lithium batteries – and, of course, some clever circuitry.

Using the buttons at the bottom of the page, readers of the magazine can toggle between 11 different colours, changing the appearance of the phone’s backplate instantly.

The page itself is only slightly thicker than normal and will be in the middle of Wired’s January issue.  The magazine with the special advert will be going out to 153,000 subscribers in the New York and Chicago metro areas.

Can Motorola’s very original idea take off even further?  If so, it could make for some very interesting adverts when you read your magazines in the future.

Check out the video showing how the interactive advert works below: