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Who has the cheapest printer ink cartridges?

One of the questions our customers most frequently ask us is ‘which manufacturer retails the cheapest ink cartridges?’ It’s only natural that people want to cut costs where possible, which is why we’ve decided to put together a news post to better educate you all in what to look for when buying ink and toner cartridges.

There’s a lot of confusion when it comes to buying ink cartridges and saving money, and that’s because the face value of cartridges isn’t always the strongest indicator as to which cartridge is the cheapest option in the long run. To simplify this, some ink and toner cartridges are cheap on actual outlay (entry level and low-end inkjets such as Canon MX925), but the yields for these cartridges are small, meaning that they are incredibly costly to run.

One of the best ways to calculate this properly is to take note of the cost per print.  In this case machines belonging to the Epson WorkForce Pro range, for example, would be considerably cheaper in the long-term. The inks for such machines are more expensive per unit – perhaps £30.00 or so per ink – but the yield is much higher, meaning that in the long-run, there is a lot of money to be saved.

As a general rule, we tend to advise that low end machines may boast low ink costs, but the pricey cost per print tends to eradicate the benefit of buying cheap at face value. On that same note, higher end machines generally have a higher cost per ink, but a much better cost per print.

So, what should I buy?

There’s no right or wrong answer to this question – at the end of the day, what works better for one customer may prove a lot less beneficial to another. However, generally, we would advise that if you rely heavily on your printer and you require a continuous, high volume of output, a more expensive machine with pricier inks will probably work a lot better for you. High end machines come complete with lots of handy features and settings designed to aid fast-paced businesses, and the low cost per print that the cartridges boast promises to minimise your spending in the long term.

If on the other hand, you require your machine for infrequent/low volume use in the home, a simple, low cost inkjet is probably much better suited to your needs. As your output will be low, investing in a larger, more expensive machine wouldn’t have the same benefits as it would if you were a large, high-output business. For users with a minimal volume of output and less reliance on their printer, the lower upfront cost of the machine itself and the ink and toner cartridges needed for that machine will probably help keep your costs down.

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Happy printing!

The Printerbase Team

Discover a whole new way of printing with Xerox PAAS

Experts in the field, Xerox, are constantly reinventing products that help maximise potential within the printing world, and now, thanks to their latest venture, customers can look forward to really making the most of their money.

Xerox PAAS (Print as a Service) welcomes customers to a whole new world of printing. Similarly to a phone contact, this scheme makes printers payable on a monthly basis, and gives customers an allowance of consumables included in the monthly cost of the machine.

So, how much does it cost?

Rather paying in full for your Xerox machine, with the PaaS scheme, customers pay an upfront fee of just £150. This is then followed by a monthly subscription of £19.95.

And what’s included?

So, included in that monthly fee of £19.95, customers will be provided with 3 x large toners per year together with 1 x extra drum per year. This allowance should be enough for 2500 prints per month. Xerox are confident that this will be plenty for the majority of users, however, if you were to use up your allowances, you needn’t worry – all customers are entitled to extras at the concessionary rate of 20% off web price.

Why is it so good?

Xerox PaaS offers the ideal solution for those who want to cut costs whilst staying completely up to date with all the latest print technology. By saying ye to PaaS, you’ll pay much less both in the beginning, and in the long run, too. All of this, and you won’t have to compromise on quality and performance.

Purchase VS Subscription – which is better?

By opting for the subscription method of purchasing, customers could save a heck of a lot of money, and here’s the proof…

Purchase Option 2400 Prints/Month
15,000 Toners x 2 £353.04
Drum £34.72
Total Cost £387.76


PaYG Option 2400 Prints/Month
11,000 Toners x 3 £0
Drum £0
Total Cost Monthly Subscription
(£19.95 x 12)

This works out at a 40% saving when you subscribe to this brand new service!

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Bag a bargain with our Kyocera clearance!

Loaded with state of the art technology and innovative features, Kyocera printers are an extremely popular choice, and it’s clear to see why…

At Printerbase, we stock a vast range of Kyocera machines, from single function printers, to large, heavy-duty multifunction devices. A popular brand with both home and business users, Kyocera machines offer high-quality prints and impressive print speeds as standard, together with a bunch of other exciting settings and features.

Right now at Printerbase, we’ve got some spectacular deals on some of our end-of-life Kyocera machines, so if you’re big on value for money, then listen up. Whether you’re after a durable multifunction machine with in-built quiet mode, or you simply want a high-performance single function printer with automatic two-sided capabilities, we’re sure that you’ll find something you love from the selection below. Go on, have a browse!

Kyocera ECOSYS P2135dn
A4 Mono Laser Printer


Relieve your print setup of interference with this A4 mono laser printer from Kyocera. Complete with attractive silent printing option, this handy desktop printer is brimming with state of the art technology. Get ultimate peace of mind thanks to the intelligent in-built security features, and complete all print jobs quickly with 35 pages per minute print speeds. The Kyocera ECOSYS P2135dn is the perfect machine to increase security and optimise productivity in your office.

  • Silent Mode option
  • High security features
  • Up to 35 pages per minute

£143.25 ex VAT
£171.90 inc VAT

£30 cashback –  Ends 31st December
2 Year Warranty 
3 Year Drum Warranty

Kyocera ECOSYS P6021cdn
A4 Colour Laser Printer


With exceptionally low printing costs and double-sided printing as standard, this A4 colour laser printer from Kyocera is both cheap to run, and highly efficient. Enjoy ultimate versatility thanks to in-built network connectivity and mobile printing options available, including Apple AirPrint. And on top of all this, you needn’t worry about noise interference. Thanks to the low noise printing feature, you can complete all other tasks without disruption, boosting productivity effortlessly. A great machine at an even greater price.

  • Network connectivity 
  • Mobile print support including Apple AirPrint
  • Low noise printing

£145.94 ex VAT
£175.13 inc VAT

Free 2 Year Onsite Warranty 
3 Year Drum Warranty 

Kyocera FS-2100DN
A4 Mono Laser Printer


Designed with small-medium sized work groups in mind, the versatile and intelligent Kyocera FS-2100DN delivers high-quality, fuss-free prints on command. For those looking to keep things green, the eco-friendly automatic two-sided printing function helps to cut costs and excess waste in an instant. And that’s not all. The in-built 5-line LCD display allows for fluid navigation time and time again, while the optional paper feeders offer increased capacity and flexibility. What more could you possibly want?

  • 5-line LCD display
  • Optional paper feeders available
  • 40 pages per minute print speeds

£278.23 ex VAT
£333.88 inc VAT

£80 cashback – 31st December
2 Year Warranty – Ongoing
3 Year Drum Warranty – Ongoing

Kyocera ECOSYS M2030dn
A4 Mono Laser Multifunction Printer


This compactly-designed multifunction printer may be small, but it’s perfectly formed. Complete with user-friendly control panel, the ECOSYS M2030dn allows you to print, copy and scan with ease – and that’s not all. Impressive print speeds promote maximum productivity, meanwhile the eco-friendly automatic two-sided printing function helps reduce excess waste and costs. On top of all this, the M2030dn offers the most exceptionally low printing costs in its class, so all of those high-quality prints won’t cost you the earth.

  • Exceptionally low printing costs
  • Easy-to-use LCD display
  • Double-sided printing

£80 cashback –  Ends 31st December
2 Year Warranty
3 Year Drum Warranty

£170.81 ex VAT
£204.97 inc VAT

Kyocera ECOSYS M2035dn
A4 Mono Laser Multifunction Printer


No matter how busy your office might be, the M2035dn rises to the challenge every time. Offering print, copy and scan facilities, this multifunction printer from Kyocera caters to all of your everyday office tasks with ease. If you’re concerned about print security, relax. Not only does this machine boast a number of great functions and settings, it also offers intelligent security features, too. With Private Print, SSL and IPsec, you can take comfort in knowing that your prints are safe at all times. And you won’t need to worry about waiting around, either. With print speeds of up to 35 pages per minute, the M2035dn promises to complete all of your print jobs in a jiffy. A fantastic machine all-round.

  • Print, copy and scan
  • High security features including Private Print
  • Mobile print support including AirPrint

£352.01 ex VAT
£422.41 inc VAT

Claim £180 cashback – Ends 31st December
2 Year Warranty
3 Year Drum Warranty

To view our full range of Kyocera models, please click here.