Samsung to delay entering the 3D Printing market?

Samsung have made the decision to avoid entering the 3D printing market in the next ten years, according to industry sources.

The news, which has been reported by Business Korea, has claimed that Samsung still hold concerns over the marketability of 3D printers when it comes to general domestic use.  It is thought that the printer manufacturer only views 3D printing as a tool used in specific industries so far.

However, experts have warned that such investment and competition in the early stage of the 3D printing market is more than likely to result in a series of strong side effects, particularly with Chinese manufacturers, for example, releasing various models of cheap 3D printers on a regular basis.

As it stands, away from the 3D printing market, the print division of Samsung is planning to remain focused on both the A4 and A3 printer markets – where they have enjoyed considerable success already – in a bid to increase their presence in the global B2B printer market.

There is also talk that they are working on the development of mobile printers, too – this is backed up by the recent acquisition of PrinterOn, a Canadian mobile printing company.  PrintOn, who were established in 1983, provide mobile cloud solutions, which allow various types of documents to be read and printed from a variety of mobile devices.

As part of their continued effort to become the number one in the A4 and A3 printer markets, Samsung are planning to turn cloud-based mobile printing technology into a global standard.