All Saints talk up 3D Printing in fashion and retail

New, exciting technologies, such as 3D printing, have “a huge role to play” in terms of the potential changes in the business over the next 30 years, according to fashion retailer All Saints.

At Virgin Media’s 30:30 Vision event, the global technology director for All Saints, James Wintle, focused on the future of the fashion and retail industry in discussions with start-up brands from a variety of industries – claiming that the idea of customers co-creating their clothes by working directly with the fashion houses that produce them is a distinct possibility.

The discussion, which was run by Sir Richard Branson, involved those representing start-ups in the retailing sectors of sports, shoes and menswear.  It was predicted that 3D printing is the beginning of the end for cheap, mass-produced clothing, with customers soon being able to create exactly what they want.

There was also an interesting look at other emerging technologies that are related to the ‘Internet of Things’ concept.  A revolution in fabric was predicted, with representatives from the fashion industry discussing the idea that clothing could eventually inform consumers if they are putting on too much weight or lacking in vitamins.

All Saints’ Wintle said: “The fashion and beauty industry is defined by trends and evolutions – not just in the products themselves but also in how the industry operates.

“It’s inspiring to see the young businesses in this sector taking on the challenge of ever emerging technologies and using them to enhance their products, engage their customers and continue to evolve our industry.”

The 30 small businesses were supported by Virgin Media Business during their respective start-up stages, as part of the company’s Pioneers scheme, a free online community of support for thousands of UK entrepreneurs.