Printednest: 3D print a bird’s nest!

printednestAs exciting as 3D printing is, many people are still skeptical in terms of how you can use the technology in the home.  Well, the team at Printednest have come up with a fantastic idea that will encourage urban development.

Printednest is a project that combines bird-watching and 3D printing – allowing individuals to make their own bird feeders with a 3D printer that they can then attach to windows on homes in the city.

The team behind Printednest, who are “a team of architects & designers who explore and develop possibilities of 3D printing technology”, have spoke about the project on their website: “3D printing technology as a way of developing a product which is constantly evolving and being perfected based on errors of previous prototypes, much as living organisms are. Every product has its own charm as well as errors. It is not perfect and imperfections make it unique.”

Anyone is able to get involved with the Printednest project, which is completely open source – if you have a 3D printer, you can download the file from the likes of Thingiverse, 3dfilemarket or Shapeways and print it out!

However, if you don’t currently own a 3D printer, you can still get involved as Printednest have an option for you to buy a 3D-printed nest from them that you can fully customise to exactly how you want it.

Printednest are encouraging those involved to print using PLA material as it is biodegradable – much more eco-friendly!

With the project mainly aimed at those living in the city, it is hoped that the project will go a long way towards improving the environment for birds in big, built-up areas – bringing a touch of nature to every building would be great, wouldn’t it?

You can share your nest online, too – register on the Printednest website and users can view an interactive map which shows where the feeders currently are across the world.  You can also share your photos on Pinterest!

Check out the video below showing a Printednest being printed:


Keep an eye out for Printerbase’s Printednest – we’ll share it online soon!