Print out your own headphones!

The 3D Printing revolution is a hot topic across news reports on a regular basis, with many considering the possibilities to be endless.

Well, French designer JC Karich has now created the opportunity for you to simply print out your own headphones.

The Low Fi Hi Tech Headphones are comprised of simple parts including wire, tape, solder and magnets – all of which can be printed if a capable printer is readily available.  Essentially, everyone now has the ability to print out a pair of headphones, which is very handy when you’re struggling to find your pair or can’t be bothered untangling wires – we’ve all been there!

Not only that, but they have a surprisingly good quality and look fantastic, too – the perfect combination.

You can download the files here and have a go at printing out your headphones today!

Check out the video below, which shows how the headphones are assembled, the final product and a sample of the sound quality: