PPrintee Pocket Printer to launch next year?

PPrintee Pocket PrinterThe creators of the PPrintee Pocket Printer have revealed that they are hoping to be able to release the exciting, new technology by 2015.

To achieve this aim, the PPrintee Lab are trying to raise $330,000 on indiegogo.com, which will allow them to develop a PPrintee Pocket Printer prototype ready for testing, ahead of a general release.

The PPrintee Pocket Printer is a unique machine that weighs around 300 grams and measures in at just 125 x 80 x 32.5 mm – it is certainly a portable design!

However, it’s more than just a small design that makes the PPrintee Pocket Printer such an intriguing concept.  The PPrintee Pocket Printer also has the ability to begin printing on a page without any real input and preparation from the user.

All you have to do is place it on the piece of paper you’re printing on, start the print and then the device lifts itself on retractable wheels.  From there, the PPrintee Pocket Printer travels across the page to identify the edges, then positions itself before printing on the paper by rolling up, down and across the page.

The handy device can print on a wide variety of media and, with a single cartridge, there should be enough ink to print up to around 200 pages.  It’s also said that the device is of the same standard as an advanced office printer – if so, it is something that could really change the way businesses print!

As you would expect from any new print technology, the PPrintee Pocket Printer can be used with a smartphone or tablet and comes with an app, too.

The PPrintee Pocket Printer is expected to sell for approximately $300 and, if all goes to plan in terms of development and funding, the PPrintee hope to begin shipping in mid-2015.

You can find out more about the PPrintee Pocket Printer and support the concept here.

Check out the video below from the PPrintee Lab: