Pirate3D bring affordable 3D printing to the home

Another 3D printer is ready to go straight into your homes! Pirate 3D Inc. have created the Pirate3D Buccaneer Printer, which they claim is “a full 3D printing solution for home consumers”.

Similar to other technology around currently, the main difference here is the price – Singapore-based Pirate3D are offering the machine for just $347!  A fraction of the price of some competitors.

The aim of the company is  “to be innovative at every level of 3D printing, from object design all the way to printing” – and they certainly look to be hitting their target!

Roger Chang, Pirate3D co-founder, revealed that he is hoping the printer will appeal to beginners who are by no means experts with CAD software.  This is possible through the printer’s objects library – Smart Objects – which allows users to drag and customise various designs before sending them to print.  There is an Android app available on Pirate3D’s website, too.

Anyone can back the project via their Kickstarter campaign and land themselves what looks like a very impressive bit of kit!

Check out the video that Pirate3D put together to launch their printer: