OpenKnit Printer – print your own clothes!

OpenKnit PrinterDo you often find yourself stood in front of your wardrobe, proclaiming that you’ve “got nothing to wear!”?  Well, the OpenKnit Printer may well just put an end to that frustration – I mean, why not just print your own clothes before you head out?

The OpenKnit Printer has really taken wearable technology to the next level – and, in the process, it could make us all designers!

This innovative device is an open-source platform that merges a printer and Knitic software, allowing you to design clothes and communicate with a knitting machine.

However, OpenKnit explain it much better than we ever could – this is how it works, according to the experts:

“OpenKnit is an open-source, low cost digital fabrication tool that affords the user the opportunity to create his own bespoke clothing from digital files.

“Starting from the raw material, the yarn, and straight to its end use, a sweater for example, in about an hour.

“Designing and producing clothes digitally and wearing them can now happen in the very same place, rewarding the user with the ability to make decisions regarding creativity and responsibility.”

There is an OpenKnit Printer community, too – DoKnitYourself – so, you can show off all of your recent designs once you get started.

In fact, you can even build your very own clothes printer, as OpenKnit have kindly provided the 3D printing files for the machine.  Why not give it a go?

This OpenKnit Printer could change the way in which we source our clothes – and would be appealing to all those budding fashion designers or even someone simply looking for a one-off piece.

Check out the OpenKnit Printer in action below: