OKI Mobile Print app launched for Android devices

oki mobile print appThe OKI Mobile Print app has been developed and launched by OKI Data Corporation, allowing users to print directly from Android mobile devices.

Available to download from Google Play, the OKI Mobile Print app is fully compatible with a wide range of OKI printers and multifunction printers.

Previously, users wanting to print from their mobile devices to an OKI printer had to use cloud-based services, such as Google Cloud Print.  However, the newly-developed OKI Mobile Print app now allows for printing from Android mobile devices on networks featuring OKI printers.

“Having direct printing from Android mobile devices to printers and MFPs within our broad product portfolio provides increased opportunities for our channel partners and improved options for our end customers,” said Hiroshi Endo, Director and Divisional General Manager of Products Business Division for OKI Data Corporation.

“With the demand for mobile printing increasing, OKI Data will continue to aggressively develop solutions for the ever-expanding mobile market to provide optimal printing solutions to meet customers’ business needs.”

The OKI Mobile Print app allows users to print PDF files, photographs or web pages from their mobile devices and also includes Correction Functions, which offers the ability to correct image distortion and colour balance before printing.

OKI Print Job Accounting functions are compatible with the OKI Mobile Print app, so, even when working within a mobile environment, users can manage print jobs and impose print restrictions.

The OKI Mobile Print app supports Android 4.4, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of smartphones and tablets.

You can print a huge selection of file formats using the OKI Mobile Print app, too – including PDF, JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG, TEXT, and PDF direct.

The following OKI MFPs and printers support the new OKI Mobile Print app:
  • A3 color LED printers: C841/C831/C822/C811/C941/C931/C911/C910.
  • A4 color LED printers: C711/C610/C531/C331/C321.
  • A3 color LED MFPs: MC862/MC861/MC860/MC852/MC851.
  • A4 color LED MFPs: MC780/MC770/MC760/MC562w/MC362w/MC562/MC362/MC352/MC342/MC332,,
  • A4 monochrome LED printers: B841/B821/B801/B840/B820.
  • A4 monochrome LED printers: B731/B721/B701 B431/B411/B401/B4500/B4600/B4400.
  • A4 monochrome LED MFPs: MB491/MB471/MB461/MB451/MB441.

Download the OKI Mobile Print app HERE!