OKI C801, C821, C810 and C830 YouTube Review

Please take a look at our video relating to the OKI C800 range of A3 colour LED machines:

Nick’s Thoughts:

I’ve always been a fan of the OKI machines and when I saw their first foray into designing a small toner based colour A3 printer I was hugely impressed. We’ve had the original C8600 machine in our office since it was launched several years ago and I’m pleased to report that it’s still going strong. OKI’s revamped C800 series are a pleasure to use and their slight improvements to the physical design will be welcomed by existing C8600/C8800 users.

Let’s talk a bit about the review. The C801 machine on test did pretty well on the timed print speeds, although were slightly slower than OKI’s own rating. That could be because the document was a bit more complex than the test file they used but even with our file the speed was still very good. Just like you’d expect from an OKI, the print quality was excellent and the glossy finish enhances the prints further. I especially like how easy OKI make it to print banners, CD labels, business cards, booklets, etc with their free Template Manager software: http://www.okitraining.com/TM40/english/course.htm, which is very easy to use.

I’d like to see more manufacturers offer the same warranty provided by OKI –
3 years onsite (simple online registration required).

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If you’re still not sure please request a print sample:

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