Need advice on Airprint compatible printers? Try our new printer selector tool.

For those of you with an Apple device (and lets face it, nowadays this probably includes most) when the time comes to replace your current machine, the hassle of finding a printer capable of printing via Apples Airprint technology can be quite a daunting challenge. Well, here at Printerbase we decided to take that hassle away from our customers by designing a brand new Airprint compatible printer selector, to help guide customers to the machines that we feel would be most suited to both their needs, and budget.

Not only does our new selection tool highlight the printers that are most suitable to individual customers, it then offers the opportunity to compare up to 4 machines to really fine-tune their choice once they have made a few easy requirement choices via the drop down menus.

To see for yourself just how easy it is to select your Airprint compatible machine, click HERE