Movember at Printerbase

This year, members of the Printerbase team are taking part in ‘Movember’ to raise money for charities that create awareness and support prostate and testicular cancer initiatives.

During the month of November men sprout moustaches in the UK and around the world. The rules are simple; each ‘Mo Bro’ must grow and groom a moustache. We have had fun in our office joking about shaving, how young we look and the type of moustaches we want to grow. Some have taken photos and plan on taking photos every day and creating an animated timeline showing from clean shaven to a well groomed moustache.

But the main reason behind all of this is to create awareness for men’s health. Just talking to the guys in our office I realised like a large proportion of men we can be nonchalant or disinterested in health issues.

I cannot speak for all men but based on general conversations the main reasons I have heard for not showing more of an interest are that they are embarrassed to talk about health issues, too busy and the general attitude of ‘if it’s not hanging off, turning green or I can’t bandage, sew or gaffer-tape it back on, I’ll see a doctor’. But the issues are serious and we strongly believe we should take more of an interest that is why we are taking part.

We would greatly appreciate it if you could sponsor our endeavour to create awareness and raise money for both the prostate and testicular cancer charities. You can make a donation by visiting our Movember team page

Thanks to those who donate and for all you guys out there it’s not too late to join. The most important thing is that we do something, whether it’s to donate, take part or read a little more and take an interest in your health. There is an interesting page on the Movember site that talks about men’s health you can see it by clicking on the link below:

Now for all the women reading, don’t feel left out, your brothers, fathers, husbands, boyfriends or just friends need your support. You can be our ‘Mo Sistas’, to find out more click the following link

Thanks for taking the time to read this and follow our Movember updates on our Movember page  or our Facebook page