LifePrint: the app-connected wireless printer for photos

lifeprintWe’ve all been there when you take a photo on your phone, it turns out to be the best one you’ve ever taken and you’re desperate to get a print of it.

So, what do you do?  Well, you go home promising yourself that you’ll print it out and then it’s completely forgotten about – much like the rest of the photographs that you snap.

However, that could soon be a problem consigned to the ages, with the potential introduction of LifePrint, which plans to bring the fun and excitement back to printing out photographs.

The LifePrint printer is described as an “app-enabled wireless photo printer”, with the idea behind it being that photo printing can quite easily become a integral part of the social media-led world of photo sharing.

The company, which has been officially launched on Kickstarter, is planning to offer this idea in the form of a sleek, modern, portable wireless printer, weighing just a little bit more than an iPad 2, that is small and compact enough to be carried in a backpack.

There are plenty of wireless photo printers around, of course, but the unique edge to to the LifePrint printer is that it comes with an app, which can be used to edit and share.  Much like Instagram, for example, the app will offer plenty of photo editing features and allow you to share your photos via social media.

Also, from this app, any LifePrint printer can receive your photos wirelessly – and not just from using the same Wi-Fi network, like most printers.  Instead, with the LifePrint printer, you can print a photo anywhere your mobile device has a signal – it only takes around 60 seconds to print, too!

This means that, in theory, you could print holiday snaps whilst still enjoying the sun and have them waiting for you when you get home!  Not only that, but you can also print to any LifePrint printers, as the wireless capability allows you to friend and follow other users.  This is perfect for sharing prints with friends and family member – no matter where they are!

Don’t worry, though – people can’t just send you photos all of a sudden!  You can reject unwanted photos so they don’t waste your ink.  Just what you need if you’ve got a family member constantly trying to send you pictures!

Estimated delivery for the Apple operating system is January, while the Android version isn’t expected until April 2015.

Check out the video on the LifePrint printer below: